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    Yeah, it’s frustrating. I saw the wiritng on the wall and gave up on NASA over 20 years ago (I guess I could insert a comment here about the ISS, but anyway ).Not that NASA isn’t doing some neat stuff, they are. Quite a bit, actually. But the bigger the project, the more it seems to suffer from bureaucracy and politics, and of course manned spacecraft development has the biggest projects of all.Anyone building a spacefaring fleet, whether government or other, will have to be at it consistently for many years, as you note. More than that, they’re going to have to constantly work to make the most out of what they’ve already got, reusing pieces as much as possible rather than starting from scratch every time.I wrote about that a couple of years ago:The basic point is that space stuff is so expensive to develop, we need to make sure we get the most out of it once we do, which also raises production quantities and so lowering unit costs.There’s also some more in that article about what I think would be a proper space development strategy. We need to start being strategic. Without that, even spending huge amounts of money & time ($100 billion/24+ years for ISS, for example) doesn’t get you very far.

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